How bitterness evolves into resentment.

lemon chiffon

A light, fluffy mousse filled with bitterness.

I’d like to think that in the five weeks since this began I’ve developed – Put any pettiness behind me… In my first week of bitter food bloggery, my Dad, a fellow foodie blogger would be constantly questioning me about my stats, number of followers, future posts etc. There would be trash talk across the table as our competitive natures would push us into goading one another – Who initiated this depended on whose stats were proving to be higher at the time (this could change in a matter of hours). Within a few weeks, this calmed down to some degree. I would still be receiving several texts a day informing me of how his blog was doing but the sentiment behind them had shifted from “bring it, bitchass!” to “woo! family success!“. Then it happened. Our united front shattered in one smooth click of a mouse. Dad’s blog, admittedly being very good, got some well-deserved recognition. Upon receiving the Versatile Blogger award, he decided to pass it on to me. “How nice” I hear you thinking. Not in this family. New to the game, being handed an award by my father not only takes from the enjoyment earning one in good time but it also rubs his success in my face. Consequently, all out war has erupted in the kitchen once more.

While I’m quick to scorn Dad’s nomination (it really can’t count), I would genuinely like to thank Afternoon D’lite for sending the Liebster Award my way. It was a lovely surprise and really made my day.In accepting this award, I’ve to pass it on to five other deserving blogs. My nominations are:

And finally, to give him a taste of his own medicine:

The last nomination is indeed out of bitterness and what better way to introduce these week’s dessert: Lemon Chiffon.

Lemon Chiffon Ingredients

All you need

What you’ll need:

  • 3 Eggs, separated
  • 150g Caster sugar
  • 22years of pent up resentment
  • 125ml Lemon juice
  • 1oml gelatine
  • Grated rind of 2 lemons

Mix the yolks, lemon juice and sugar together in a heatproof bowl. Place over a pot of simmering water and whisk until the mixture is pale and frothy with a consistency of whipped cream. This may take awhile but just like revenge, it’s worth investing your time into.

Frothy tastiness

Keep at it until it looks like this

Have the gelatine soaking into some cold water. Then place it into 45ml water and heat in  a small saucepan until it’s completely dissolved. Cool for a few minutes, then add it to your frothy mixture. Put it in the fridge. When it’s beginning to set, add in the lemon rind. While all this is happening, whisk up your egg whites until they form stiff peaks.

Already looking good...

The before.

Fold the frothy goodness gently into the egg whites.

A glorious mess

The inbetween.

Pour into 4 ramekin dishes and place back in the fridge to set properly. In a few hours time, remove and down them all.

I'm getting a taste for bitter things. I should probably try and sweeten up.

The final product.

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17 thoughts on “How bitterness evolves into resentment.

  1. Hey… just saw this. Thank you! I hope your family feud will be fondly looked back upon one day. I did check out your dad’s scene. Being a serious carnivore myself, it was pretty good and a weekly post these days is practically enough for me. But I’m only going to follow you for now… till things cool off :-)

    • Thank you. Feel free to give him a follow – he puts a lot of work into his posts and I’m sure my access to what tasty meal he’s prepared may start to become limited if I start an online “boycot Dad” movement :P

      • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You remind me so much of my family dynamics! Love it! And that recipe looks amazing – I’m addicted to anything citrus. Just itching for my lemon tree to finally turn its abundant crop of green lemons into shiny yellow ones, then this recipe is a-go. Thanks for sharing!

      • Cheers :) It must be great having a lemon tree – I imagine the smell for it alone would be worth it, not to mention the obvious benefit of fruit

  2. This looks amazing! I love lemon everything! I’ll have to give this a try next time I’m bitter about someone in my family. :-)

  3. Haha! I love the family love going on here, collectively you and your dad are doing a great job on your blogs. Thanks to him for guiding me towards yours though.
    Mmmm lemony lemon I want some/1

    • We’ve a rather competitive household alright! He’s seriously trumping me at the moment though – I spend most of my time studying these days rather than baking however, once summer hits and exams are over, I’ll be giving him a run for his money once more :D

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