The anti-weight loss solution to all your problems.

dangerously tasty

This stack will be gone before you can say “diet”

Since I’ve entered the foodie blogosphere, I’ve noticed a lot of blogs about weight loss. My hat’s off to you, however if you happen to be the owner of such a blog you’re in the wrong place. This post will reveal the secret to unbridled weight gain. For me, this anomaly occurs twice a year – the weeks leading up to Decemeber 22nd and May 12th. To put it simply: exams. Despite training five times a week,the pounds pile on mercilessly. The stress monster buried within arises and demands sugar, chocolate, sugar-coated chocolate and coffee. Lots of coffee. I’m often too weak to resist – she can be very convincing. Especially so when she knows I can whip up a batch of these crunchy, chocolaty, mouth-wateringly delicious No Bake Cake in about 10mins. Although should I be procrastibaking it could take me up to a few hours.

As the name suggests, no oven is required for this beauty. Line a pie dish with baking parchment and clear a space in your fridge for it.

No Bake Cake Ingredients

Pay for gym trainers? I just invest in guilt.

Then turn your attention to making these far-to-easily-eaten treats.

What you’ll need:

  • 75g Golden syrup
  • 100g Dark chocolate
  • 100g Butter
  • 175-200g Digestive biscuits
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sense of deep-rooted shame to motivate you to go to the gym afterwards

To help release some of that pent-up stress, start by crushing the digestive biscuits to tiny pieces using nothing but your bare hands. Works wonders, I tells you. Have a variety of chunk sizes as this will make the texture of your no bake cake more enjoyable. With this down, place the butter and syrup into a small pot on a medium heat and melt together. When this is done, quickly add the chocolate and mix together.

Butter, syrup and chocolate

The mixture should go from this…

blended butter, syrup and chocolate

To this.

Now for the fun part: Pour your mixture over the crushed biscuit and mix well.

So tasty

It’s tempting at this stage to just eat it out of the bowl. Try to resist.

Once all the biscuit is well-coated, spoon the mixture into your pie dish and press it down so it’s relatively even. This will help it all hold together.

Setting no bake cake

Not much to look at here but wait for the final result

Put it into the fridge and find some more things warranting attention over study for about 45mins – 1hr: clean your room, teach yourself how to do a handstand, injure yourself while attempting said handstand and need to go to the physio… Get creative! When it’s ready, cut it into squares and serve it up… Or pretend you never made them and retreat to your room with a plate of them.

the final piece

Totally worth it

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15 thoughts on “The anti-weight loss solution to all your problems.

  1. I know you just do a blog about some big fat cake or something. The you look on the front page to see your new post and its surrounded by ‘Fun with Kale’ and ‘no chocolate’ chocolate pudding.

    • Tell me about it – there was a time where I felt guilty about my fat cake lodged between the slimmers’ choice. however I now beam on it with pride, grab a fork and with a mouth already stuffed full of cake declare “more!”

      • Fruit and veg … plus a lot of water. Girl, life too short for that. Eat often and little of everything. Start to dance Zumba … and eat everything you like.

    • Cheers. The kitchen table is one of my favourite pieces of furniture in the house – it’s made from spalted beech and the patterns in it are gorgeous :)

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