My first post sums up “how” this blog came about but the general “why” is simple: I love cooking. I find it to be both relaxing and rewarding. My Dad and I have family blog-offs which adds to the fun of it all as well. Thankfully as I also love sports, I’ve yet to turn out like this (not through lack of trying, I assure you):


On a¬†slightly¬†more personal level, I’m currently finishing up my college degree in Commerce and French – the stress from this has seen a spike in my output of culinary delights. I live in Dublin, Ireland and plan on staying here for the time being. Hope you enjoy the blog!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. haha I can’t wait to see some more of your recipes! I think all cooks are amazed when they haven’t ballooned [not for lack of trying] :)

  2. Through your nomination of Wendy – down in Hamburg .. I had to check you out.
    Have been living in nearly 1 years total – nearly a year in Dun Loaghaire and 10 years in Belfast. Visiting every November in Dublin and I’m a chef, so I will hang round you. Lots .. Wivi

    • Dun Laoghaire is a lovely place – the piers are beautiful to walk down on a sunny day. I must admit, I’ve never been to Belfast (but I hope to in the near future). Thanks for stopping by! Really chuffed you enjoy my blog

      • Never been to Belfast ??? You have to go … only half price to Dublin and it’s like the Dublin I loved most – 20 years ago. Friendly .. no stress no chaotic traffic. Trendy bars, restaurants and great shopping. All the best – the pleasure is mine.

  3. Thanks for checking out my Birthday Cake Martini recipe! I have been going thru some of your posts………love them! I will have to figure out how to convert some of these to gluten-free so that I can try them! :)

    • No bother – it’s a fun recipe that I’m looking forward to trying (post exams, of course). I hope you can successfully convert them – thinking about it most of them should be easily adjusted using gluten free flour etc. Being lactose intolerant, I know how frustrating it is to see tasty recipes and not be able to try them. I’ve yet to find a suitable substitute for buttermilk

  4. Isn’t it just typical … I have commenced my May detox and the only thing I seem to be reading is blogs about food, chocolate and other temptations.. and now I have come across your blog…. hope drooling over my screen won’t damage my laptop in the long-term!
    Great read and I cannot resist but to sign up for future posts….. . I am loving some of those recipes…. :) . oh the agony and the joy!!

    • It’s always the way, isn’t it? I’m slowly be surely coming to the realisation that it will not be possible to sustain both my blog and my current waistline! Chuffed to see you’re enjoying the recipes – it’s this sort of feedback that makes me think the blog will win this current inner conflict :P

      • HAHA well I think I am going to be like switzerland and sit this conflict out…. hmm switzerland makes me think of chocolate… mmmm chocolate…
        I am afraid Lucy you may have to take one for the team!

        Have a great bank holiday :)

      • Switzerland’s got it right! :D I wish I could however I’ve three exams next week, so I shan’t be taking the day off. Hope you have more freedom with your one

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